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The Green Natural Grass of the East Coast Surrounded by a Lighthouse and Water
Paladin Clean Energy Services Innovation

The world is crying out for solutions for and viable methods to replace the burning of fossil fuels for energy. The desire is to utilize captured energy from free sources such as Wind, Solar, Wave Motion, etc to become the clean energy answer to fossil fuels. Anyone with knowledge of…

The Environmental Dangers of Climate Change Happening to Nature and Wildlife

In this submission I will give you a little information about myself, a brief outline about this Clean Energy Innovation and also a look into the wonderful future made possible by this innovation. First, let me assure you that I am no Einstein, no Walter O’Brien, no Stephen Hawking and…

A Saskatchewan Clean Green Untouched Landscape
Clean Energy and Water Technologies Feature

Clean Energy and Water Technologies: Search results for hydrogen is cheaper than gasoline Marvin and Paladin Clean Energy is excited to present our latest guest feature on the Clean Energy and Water Technologies website. It is with great pride that we advocate for clean energy for a better tomorrow. Please…

Riding a Bike to Go Places Contributes to Sustainability and the Green Movement
Renewable Energy System

Renewable Energy System Paper Abstract A system for using electrical energy generated by renewable sources is used to hydrolyse water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen and oxygen can be used on-site for the generation of electrical power, or stored in liquid form for later use. Exhaust from a power…

Marvin's Garden of Free Clean Sustainable Energy
Marvin’s Garden of Clean Energy

Wind and Solar Power Conversion To Base-Load Clean Energy ​In today’s world there is an ever increasing objection to the pollution and carbon emissions generated by the burning of fossil fuels. I believe that the time is right to bring to light an idea which I have been sitting on…

Using the Sun for Renewable Solar Energy
Let’s talk about solar power

“Oh Mr. Sun, Sun Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me!” What is Solar Power Solar power is a type of green energy in which sunlight is converted from rays emitted by the sun into usable electricity. Our sun is essentially a natural nuclear reactor. Every day the sun…

Being Smart about Sustainability to Protect the Natural World
What are the most sustainable countries in the world?

What is sustainability? While there is no universally agreed upon definition, the idea of sustainability stems around the concept of meeting our needs without jeopardizing the needs of future generations. The way I see it, sustainability is an ever changing balancing act… Trying to use minimal resources, being smart about…

Protecting the Environment with Green Energy
What is green energy?

Energy is all around us, it’s the rays of sun beaming down to earth on a hot summer’s day, it’s the ebb and flow of the ocean’s tides, it’s the TV being turned on after a long day at work… Every day, energy is used in our daily lives without…

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Marvin Milos

My intent is to use my Clean Energy Production Method and Apparatus global patent pending innovation to change our world for the better by replacing the burning of fossil fuels for energy with dependable clean energy!
Balgonie, Saskatchewan, Canada

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