Energy is all around us, it’s the rays of sun beaming down to earth on a hot summer’s day, it’s the ebb and flow of the ocean’s tides, it’s the TV being turned on after a long day at work…

Every day, energy is used in our daily lives without so much as a second thought.

Green Energy

As much as we readily use energy to our hearts content, not all energy was created equal. In the recent years there has been a strong push for what is called green energy.

Green energy arises from natural resources like sunlight, tides, wind, geothermal. You even have certain types of algae that can produce energy! How cool is that.

These “green” energy resources are naturally replenished meaning they are renewable and will never run out. Renewable resources have a small impact on the environment and ultimately result in less pollution, greenhouse gases and a healthier planet.

A Home with Solar Panels

What we are using right now

Currently most of the planet uses fossil fuels as an energy source. Unlike green energy, fossil fuels are no longer an abundant resource that will constantly replenish themselves. Fossil fuels take millions of years to develop beneath the earth and are absolutely terrible for the environment.

As we continue to use them they not only diminish in availability, but they also contribute to climate change by polluting our home.

Fossil Fuel Energy

Moving Forward

With climate scares and a big green movement imminently knocking on our doors, how will you adapt your lifestyle to a more environmentally friendly and greener energy consumption?