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Excessive amounts of electrical energy are generated worldwide each year. Of this, only about 10-15% is generated from renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar power. The result – a significant production of greenhouse gases that when released into the atmosphere contribute to global climate change.

For years there has been significant outcry to replace the burning of fossil fuels for energy in favor of using wind and solar generated electricity. While this is an admirable goal, these clean energy solutions are not dependable and therefore they cannot stand alone.

Nature Showing a Mother Duck and her Baby Interacting in a Sustainable Environment
A Sustainable Lake Environment in the Fall with Many Different Tree Colours
A Road and Mountain Environment Showing in a Less Natural and Sustainable Way
The Clear Natural Water of the Ocean and a White Sand Beach
A Green Ancient Stone Bridge Passing Though a Mountain Way
A Natural Sunrise over a Wooden Dock in the Heart of Ontario's Lake Region

The Product

The Clean Energy Production Method and Apparatus is a result of 23 years of vision, research and refinement.

The product is modelled after the idea that every watt of electricity (produced by wind, solar, wave motion and etc) can be converted into a storable form.

Hydrogen is a superior fuel to any fossil fuel. It burns hotter than gasoline and it burns clean producing only water vapor, which automatically recycles itself in the atmosphere. Hydrogen is also the most abundant element on earth. The oceans contain an inexhaustible supply of hydrogen.

In a nutshell, we take seawater and by using a Hydrogen Cracker, crack the water via electrolysis with free electricity produced by wind and solar into hydrogen and oxygen gas. We compress these gases and store them in large pressure vessels and/or underground caverns.

The clean hydrogen and oxygen, extracted from seawater, is then used to fire either steam boilers, jet turbine engines, internal combustion engines or hydrogen fuel cells to produce electricity.

The Next Steps

Paladin currently has a provisional patent for the Clean Energy Production Method and Apparatus concept. We are seeking partnership to move this product from the design phase onto the prototype fabrication and full global patent phase.

By partnering with us you are joining Paladin’s quest for a greener and better future.

Take Action NOW!

The green movement is upon us and we need people to come alive and show their desire for a better tomorrow. Politicians are downplaying the seriousness of climate change and they are ignoring the push for clean energy. Contact your local politician and express your concerns.

Here is our email correspondence with the members of parliament and a Signed Letter from the Ministry of Environment

Voice your opinion, make yourself heard, take action NOW!

Feel free to use the tools we provided below.

An Idea Regarding the Use of Sustainable Green Energy

Starting Tools

For more detail please have a look at our Paladin Clean Energy business plan.

The Perfect Clean Energy Solution – a letter outlining our product and big picture vision along with bullet points.

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