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Consult, strategize, plan, buy, deploy – Paladin is your go to partner for clean and sustainable energy. We are proud to work together with clients to create a better and greener tomorrow.

What we do

The world is changing whether we choose to accept it or not, and now more than ever the world is turning towards energy efficient and sustainable means. Here at Paladin we seek to create and patent a product that will change the worlds view on clean green energy. Join us in our mission to create a better and healthier future.

Meet Marvin Milos, the man behind Paladin.

The man on a mission

Marvin graduated from Balfour Technical Collegiate many years ago. Since then, he has been married for 22 years and expanded his family with two children. Marvin has worked in the petroleum energy industry for in excess of 27 years. His keen interest in physics, as it pertains to energy, paired with his innate ability to analyze and find practical solutions to problems are the foundation of Paladin.

Paladin was born from 23 years of research and development into the perfect clean energy solution. The inspiration – the need for clean energy in the immediate future.

Marvin the Man behind the Sustainable Eco-Friendly Paladin Product
Marvin Getting Kissed by a Dolphin in the Water

What’s in a name?

While not your typical run-of-the-mill name, Paladin stems from the 1st order of the most elite Knights in Shining Armour, from Charlemagne’s court.

Marvin’s grandfather taught him that in order to be the best man he could be – he should live by the codes of chivalry, gallantry and honour. Charlemagne’s knights were the epitome of these qualities, the best of the very best.

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Marvin Milos

My intent is to use my Clean Energy Production Method and Apparatus global patent pending innovation to change our world for the better by replacing the burning of fossil fuels for energy with dependable clean energy!
Balgonie, Saskatchewan, Canada

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