In this submission I will give you a little information about myself, a brief outline about this Clean Energy Innovation and also a look into the wonderful future made possible by this innovation.

First, let me assure you that I am no Einstein, no Walter O’Brien, no Stephen Hawking and definitely not no Sheldon Cooper which is probably a good thing—double negative entendre pun intended. I sometimes exhibit minute amounts of OCD but it works for me. I do have an interest in physics but not at the level of these well known academics. My strengths lie in being able to analyze how a thing or an operation works, identify the weak parts or inefficiencies, and come up with practical solutions and or fixes for problems. I possess a good imagination plus an innate ability to think inside and outside of the box as well as being able to take that box and make it the best box it can be.

I have 27 years experience working within the petroleum industry. It was here that I was exposed to most of the pieces of the puzzle of this clean energy solution. Once I have an interest in how something works I can’t turn off my mind from working on a means to fix the problems until I either find that answer or determine it to be unsolvable. It was within this mindset that one day in 1995 it occurred to me that this very clean energy innovation was possible. Since then I have spent countless hours researching and refining the possibilities and subsequently filing the global patent.

We have finally reached the point today where the world is crying out to stop polluting our air, water and earth with the particulate matter, chemical and chemical compound waste products given off by the burning of fossil fuels for energy. The demand by the masses is that we replace fossil fuels for energy with wind and solar generated power. The problem is that these forms of clean energy are intermittent and not storable for use to meet demand when needed. Some attempts have been made to create large banks of batteries to store the excess for later use. Batteries come with a myriad of problems which make them an impractical solution.

My innovation takes any and all forms of clean energy and converts this energy into a storable clean energy fuel to be used as needed to meet any demand at any time. We can take every watt of electricity generated by wind, solar, wave generation, geothermal and or hydroelectricity whenever it is generated and use it to mine Hydrogen from water (preferably sea water). The clean Hydrogen fuel is then stored in large pressure vessels and or underground caverns where it is used to meet any demand at any time. With every watt generated whenever it is generated being used to mine hydrogen the clean fuel becomes very inexpensive to produce (much less than gasoline, diesel, propane, butane, kerosene, naphtha and diesel-based turbine jet B). Hydrogen burns hotter than gasoline [61,000 BTU’s as opposed to 47,000 BTU’s per gallon] making it a much more efficient fuel and it burns completely clean giving off only heat and water vapor. The heat can be recovered to produce more electricity or to heat structures plus other uses. The water vapor can be condensed back into fresh pure water to be used for drinking, irrigation, raw water source for extracting more Hydrogen fuel and other uses. By utilizing sea water we can increase the worlds supply of fresh water without further taxing fresh water watersheds. This innovation will allow the human race to co-exist with our planet in a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship as opposed to the parasitic symbiotic relationship we now have with our earth slowly killing it off with the needless pollution we are creating. Whether you believe in a deity or not it is obvious that this earth is perfect in its construct giving us everything we need to survive and thrive as long as we are wise with the management of our precious resources. You can find numerous examples in nature of how we were meant to live in conjunction with our earth. Just one excellent example is the relationship between the Acacia tree and its ant population. The tree provides a home and food for the ants (nectar) and the ants protect the tree against herbivores and leaf pathogens. Both species thrive in their mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship. This is how we were meant to live on earth, in my opinion.

I am in the early stages of business start up. I have registered the business name Paladin Clean Energy Services. I have a website builder building a website under that business name which should be ready to go online by the end of August or beginning of September. I have Saskpolytech ready to construct the working prototype just waiting for funding. I have G8plus working on possibly procuring investment capital for the business to get it started (no guarantee). At this point I am open to all possible conjunctive arrangements. That would include investment in a business ran by myself, a limited partnership, an equity ownership partnership, a controlling interest equity partnership and even a complete buy out equity ownership of the patent and innovation whereupon I would act as a consultant for as long as you wish me to be. You will find me to be a very fair person to negotiate with. Once we have an NDA in place I will send you a copy of the filed global patent with all the 150 participating countries included with the receipt of the filing. At that point I will be happy to go into as much detail as you desire.

The following bullet points are a synopsis of the innovation:

  • Converts intermittent and unstorable forms of clean energy into a storable clean fuel.
  • Uses every watt of clean energy whenever generated to provide a constant clean fuel source to meet any level of demand 24/7/365 with no waste of energy.
  • Provides unlimited inexhaustible clean energy at a much lower cost than fossil fuels.
  • Creates no pollution including Carbon Dioxide.
  • With the exhaust condensed after burning this will increase the earth’s supply of fresh water.
  • Utilizing some of the intermittent clean energy to distill seawater (as opposed to desalination which uses chemical binders) you produce sea salt as a waste product. A commodity that can be sold.
  • Hydrogen will burn efficiently in internal combustion engines as well as in a furnace to heat steam boilers and in jet turbine engines.
  • Cracking Hydrogen from water using electrolysis produces pure Hydrogen which is essential for running Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric vehicles (Already being manufactured and sold) as opposed to reformed Hydrogen from fossil fuels which contains contaminants. The manufacturers will not warranty their vehicles run with reformed Hydrogen.
  • With the smaller prototype unit Hydrogen can be produced cheaply onsite at refilling stations for vehicle purchase. It takes the same amount of time to refill a vehicle with Hydrogen as it does gas or diesel.
  • This innovation can be used to provide electricity for every purpose from powering a home (fuel cell electric generator or internal combustion powered generator) to a farm operation and or an industrial operation on or off of a grid to any major power plant station supplying any amount of electricity to any power grid.
  • Every existing fossil fuel power station can easily be upgraded to this system by simply adding the missing components thereby avoiding complete rebuilding of the station.
  • All of the technologies needed in this innovation already exist and simply have to be combined for use in this way avoiding the need to depend on unproven new technology.
  • Hydrogen is not adversely affected by temperature extremes.
  • If Hydrogen leaks it immediately rises, disperses, cools and condenses returning to earth as fresh water rain automatically recycling itself.
  • The earth’s oceans have an inexhaustible supply of Hydrogen.
  • This innovation is completely adaptive to any and all energy needs.
  • Advances in recent years for cracking Hydrogen from water have greatly increased the efficiency of production. These advances include using nickel electrodes instead of platinum (less expensive and more conductive). The coating of the electrodes with the compound molibden phosphosulfate (prolonging service life and increasing the amount of Hydrogen cracked using the same amount of electricity) and the delivery of water into the cracker under pressure resulting in the multiplication of gas volume produced with the same amount of electricity used.
  • Producing Hydrogen using freely generated sources of electricity and free sources of water renders the Law of Diminished Returns a moot point. There is almost an incalculable amount of electricity which can be generated by sun, wind, wave motion, geothermal and hydro as well as being inexhaustible. This innovation can capture and store for use much more energy than this planet can ever possibly need and use.

There are far too many advantages in using this innovation than can be listed in this brief. The most wonderful aspect is that there are no legitimate disadvantages to using it. By implementing this innovation globally we can return our planet to the Garden of Eden that it was meant to be. It would be easy to believe that by implementing this innovation globally it would destroy the economies produced by the established fossil fuel industries. That is simply not the truth. These industries would, however, have to transition from the burning of fossil fuels to manufacturing the thousands of other products made from coal, oil, gas, petroleum and petroleum distillates which we need and use every day. The difference is that we would no longer be polluting our planet with the burning of these fuels and at the same time be conserving these non renewable resources that we still need very much.

A glimpse into the future

This innovation is very exciting and almost overwhelming to think about the wonderful positive changes it will bring to every living thing on earth. Well, hold onto your seats because this is just the beginning. With this method of clean, inexpensive, unlimited and inexhaustible energy now globally available we can unleash even more incredible innovations which become feasible to implement. I will briefly touch upon two of these innovations which I believe to be patentable if we jump on them quickly enough.

I have already imagined and well considered these two innovations as a natural progression after the utilization of this clean energy innovation. The first of these is Maglev Technology. This is Electromagnetic Levitation Transportation. The advantages to this form of transportation as I have envisioned it are nothing short of incredible. Maglev rail systems are already in existence and have tested very well. They have exceeded speeds of 300 miles per hour but are limited because the rail lines are openly exposed to the elements. In my version the rails would be enclosed in large solid structure tubes enclosing at least two rail lines with a protective partition. The atmosphere would be vacuumed out eliminating all drag and friction. The result would be a system able to transport passengers and freight safely at speeds in excess of 400 miles per hour. This would eliminate the need for domestic scheduled air transport.

The advantages would be many.

  • Faster speeds at ground level achieved in perfect safety.
  • No exposure to the elements preventing deterioration of equipment.
  • No possibility of collision with objects, vehicles and wildlife.
  • No possibility of derailment due to erosion.
  • No delays due to bad weather.
  • Ability to get products to market much more quickly when used in conjunction with global transportation hubs.
  • Ability to make trains as long or as short as needed for every scheduled run as each car is it’s own maglev engine.
  • Actual travel time less than with domestic aircraft due to ground level proximity.
  • Roi over a shorter time period than with air or regular rail transport.

There are more advantages but this gives you a sample as food for thought.

The second innovation has to do with global food production. We have run out of practical arable land for food production. We need greater food production for an ever increasing population. This need has forced us to genetically modify plants for greater production quantities resulting in lessor quality of the products. Also, people are experiencing more problems with digesting these new modified foods resulting in increased medical issues caused by these foods. There is an answer to this problem. Now, because we can produce energy inexpensively we can feasibly grow immense amounts of good quality perfect organic foods.

It involves using existing geographically strategic sites. Where ever you find sufficiently deep topographically acceptable valleys you now have a site for very large underground hydroponic food producing farms. Rising a suitable height from the valley floor you burrow into the hillside and extract the dirt replacing it with a rigid superstructure many stories high to produce a perfect controlled condition grow op. The advantages are immense.

  • Completely controlled growing conditions.
  • Using fiber optics run sunlight to the plants when available and supplement with led grow lights for maximum plant growth.
  • Use much less water than with arable land production because each plant can take in the exact amount of water it needs for maximum growth.
  • Exact amount of nutrients for each type of plant species applied to the water supply maximizing growth.
  • Temperature and humidity for each type of plant controlled by geothermal and humidifiers for maximum growth.
  • Air filtered to eliminate all pollution.
  • Introduction of proper amounts of carbon dioxide at the proper circadian rhythm point of day for each plant species for 3 times faster growth.
  • Exact control of proper amount of darkness needed for each plant to rest and recover during its daily circadian rhythm needs for maximum growth.
  • Utilizing completely controlled conditions produce anywhere from 7 to 25-30 crops per year depending on the plant species.
  • All plants produced organically without the use of Pesticides, Herbicides Fungicides and any other harmful chemicals.
  • Bee hives can be used for pollination with the honey produced sold to increase profit.
  • Automated harvesting equipment can be used to harvest quickly and efficiently getting the food to market quicker with less spoilage and never delayed by weather.
  • Never lose or have ruined a crop due to any weather conditions resulting in massive savings because of no need for crop insurance.

Again, there are many more advantages to this innovation than can be listed in this brief but this gives you a good idea of just what is possible. I hope that I have been able to intrigue you and stimulate you to think on a much broader scale about the wonderful future possible by implementing this clean energy innovation. I am always happy to discuss any details with you about these and other possibilities. If we take this mutually beneficial path than we can change the world for the better and stop the senseless destruction we humans have been causing for far too long.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Regards, Marvin.